Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bush administration response to NSA wiretap ruling

In the wake of a federal judge's ruling striking down the NSA warrantless eavesdropping program, the Bush administration has finally come out with a response. Once again, that response is based on putting Americans into a state of panic by implying that the big UK "terror plot" was uncovered last week due to this program, even though the case is in the UK.
From Tony Snow's press briefing:

"Last week America and the world received a stark reminder that terrorists are still plotting to attack our country and kill innocent people. Today a federal judge in Michigan has ruled that the Terrorist Surveillance Program ordered by the President to detect and prevent terrorist attacks against the American people is unconstitutional and otherwise illegal.

"We couldn't disagree more with this ruling..."

The BA will most likely appeal this ruling in the coming days. No surprise there. Instead, why don't they start complying with the law already in place that covers secret wiretaps, and stop this relentless fear-mongering.

Here's the judge's opinion in the wiretap case.



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